The News Bangla is undoubtedly; the most transparent; unbiased and people-friendly; web news portal. The News Bangla breaks down; important national and international issues into simple terms; for the common person to understand. There is ‘only truth’; in this News Portal.

The News Bangla must be appreciated; for being the silver lining in the dark cloud of todays mainstream media. Stories posted by The News Bangla; gives a surprisingly fresh take on issues of relevance, without being biased. If you want to see something good on your mobile or laptop or in your system; go for this web portal news anyday, anytime.

The News Bangla is the only web news portal; where you can see the actual news, original news. There is no paid News here. You can get the only truth; from The News Bangla. This portal targets on issues; which matter the public most…

Media is supposed to be the fourth pillar of democracy. Its supposed to check and report the functions/activities of the executive, legislature and the judiciary to the People. The News Bangla is doing that in the finest way.

The News Bangla is; Politically unbiased. It has got no political leanings. It does not favour; any ideology (be it left or right). It leaves the opinions and the decision to the public; after reporting the news.

The News Bangla dares to call; a spade a spade and always backs its content and stories with facts and evidences. With You always. Be with ‘The NEWS’.

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